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Shortly after the (trailblazers-socal.org) domain was registered in May 2003, the website was launched. Initially the site was hosted on personal web space of the webmaster with pages coded using Netscape Composer. While a few of these pages are still being used, today making changes and new pages are done with EditPad Lite (Freeware) and Microsoft Notepad. Today site hosting is through a hosting reseller who lives in New Jersey. He is alao a Drupal Developer, a PHP Coder, and an active square dancer,

In early 2017 HTTPS was added to the site:

  • Q: What is HTTPS?   A:
  • Q: Certificate authority?   A:

Site goals:

  • Make the text passages on the site highly readable by using a large size type face, mostly black on a lightly textured white background.
  • Publish "useful" content and keep it up to date.

      Page updated: 2017-09-28