Web Design

The Trailblazers' website was launched shortly after the domain, , was registered in May 2003. Initially the site was hosted on personal web space of the webmaster with web pages were coded using Netscape Composer (NC). Many of these pages are still being used.

Today EditPad Lite (Freeware) and Microsoft Notepad are used for making changes and creating new pages. The change was made since NC, a 16-bit appication, will not run on a vanilla 64-bit Win 7 PC. While other NC type composers were tried, none had the Look & Feel, and simplicity of NC, a decision was made to use basics tools, at least for the time being.

Along the way the webmaster completed a free newbie's online HTML class sponsored by Hewlett-Packard. Occasionally effort is expended to eliminate W3C Validation errors, another learning activity. Among other things, the webmaster is thinking about incorporating simple CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Today site hosting is through a reseller who lives in New Jersey. In addition he is a Drupal Developer, a PHP Coder, and an active square dancer,

Site design goals:

  • Strive to make the text passages on the site highly readable by using a large size type face, mostly black on a lightly textured white background.
  • Organize and edit such to present "useful" content.
  • Endeavor to code pages to load quickly.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

  • To thwart spambots, the e-mail address below is a graphic file, not text, hence Copy & Paste will not work.

    Page updated: 2012-05-28