Sound Enhancement System

To help dancers whose hearing ability is impaired, Trailblazers provides a wireless sound enhancement system at their dances.  Others may find the system useful in overcoming problems with hall acoustics, speaker placement, distance between the speaker and the dancer, and ambient background noises, e.g. shuffling feet, talking, fans.  Such systems are used throughout the world by many square dance clubs, festivals, and conventions.

The system works by transmitting the caller's voice without the music.  The signal is picked up by an FM receiver (similar in size to a pager) which is connected to an earpiece.  While several frequencies are assigned by the government for this usage, Callerlab has designated 72.9 MHz as the primary frequency for square dancing and 72.1 MHz as the secondary frequency.

Receivers are available with one channel (for single-audio event such as a normal square dance) or multiple frequencies (for multiple halls commonly used at conventions, etc.). If you plan to dance at an event with more than one hall (or want that versatility for the future), we recommend that you get one of the multi-frequency models.

Trailblazers uses the Williams Sound PPA T27 - Compact Base Transmitter 
It is compatible with many receivers from other suppliers.


    Page revised: May 7, 2019