Mission Statement
Welcome to Trailblazers

What is Trailblazers? - Prior to 1981 there were only two local callers who insisted on calling National Level A-2 dances.  The callers were Dave Stevens and George Monaghan.  They both stressed strict adherence to DBD (dancing by definition).  When Dave Stevens left the area there was precious little dancing to challenge the core of exceptional dancers that they had developed.  Trailblazers was created in 1981 to promote National Level Advanced and C-1 dancing by definition in Southern California.  Our growth to 250 members reflects the success of Trailblazers.

Dancing Purpose - It is a purpose of Trailblazers to provide Southern California with regularly scheduled national level Advanced and Challenge sessions employing the nation's highest level callers.

Dancing experience with Trailblazers - When you dance at Trailblazers, you will find a friendly floor and will find members who are willing to help those who feel such need.  No matter what level you are dancing, approximately two thirds of the floor will have been exposed to a higher level of dancing.  Overall, you will enjoy the unique experience of a most challenging workshop or dance with guidance from our upper level members, if you desire, to lead you through to a memorable and  most satisfying event.

What should I do if I am new to Trailblazers? - We have a "dot system" to facilitate the Trailblazer policy of intermingling experienced dancers with newcomers so that all squares can keep dancing.  All experienced dancers are willing to help and some will wear a blue dot and inexperienced dancers appreciating help will wear an orange dot.  Singles rotation is available at all sessions.  Square dance attire is optional at all sessions.

At first you may experience difficulty in executing calls, especially from positions you have not seen before.  However, if you have the basic skills and learn the calls by definition, through attendance at workshops and at Trailblazers' sessions, you will become more comfortable with the Trailblazers' level of dancing.  This should be apparent after attending Trailblazers three or four times.  However, if you find that you are not making significant progress or feel more comfortable and still require a significant amount of help in executing calls, then this is most likely an indication that you need to sharpen up your basic skills and/or definitions.  At this point, your continued attendance can be frustrating to you as well as to other dancers in your square and you should concentrate on spending more time at workshops before attending more sessions at Trailblazers.

Membership - To assure a floor that can dance the challenging level of our dances and workshops, it is important that a candidate for membership have the ability to dance by definition, with little or no assistance, the lowest level scheduled Trailblazers' dance that the candidate regularly attends.  Therefore membership is by invitation only.  Frequently, new members are heard to say "they are so proud to have achieved the level of dancing to be accepted as a Trailblazer".   While dancing ability is important, courtesy in square dancing is also a requirement to becoming a member.

Commitment to Supporting Lower Level Square Dancing - Trailblazers is committed to advancing the recreation of square dancing at all levels and therefore our members are encouraged to attend dances at all levels and support their local square dance club.

Code of Ethics - Trailblazers has a code of ethics which stresses a high standard of conduct by its members at any dance or workshop.

Newsletter - The TRAILBLAZER is the official club newsletter and is published on a bi-monthly basis.  In 2012, on an experimental basis, the newsletter is being published monthly.

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