Penny Doane

It is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge Penny's death on May 6, 2007.  Always full of life (and strong opinions) Penny gained a sense of peace and serenity in her later years.  She so appreciated the love and support of her friends - most of them members of the challenge square dance community.

Penny had a big heart and was a self-effacing giver.  Whenever there was a need, she stepped in to help whether it was caring for a baby or helping the terminally ill.  She was a great organizer and loved to help with moves and setting up new households.

For many years Penny could be found at every Trailblazer's weekend.  She was instrumental in setting up the Trailblazers' Singles Rotation which generated participation by large numbers of singles.  Penny was firm in her belief that if you were not sleeping with your partner, you belonged on the Singles Rotation!

We all have loving memories of Penny and will miss her very much.

  Deanna Kugler

Page updated: 2007-08-02