Larry Zacks

Larry and I began square dancing in 1948, the year we were married.  Larry had taken and enjoyed a square dance class in college the year before we met.  Little did we know what an influence the dancing would have on our way of life and on our relationships with other people. We went from the Mainstream dancing (that most people know about) to Advanced dancing and into Challenge. Larry loved all the levels. He angeled the Trail Dusters beginning classes for about 7 or 8 years.  We always had to dance all the tips at a dance, rarely sitting out a tip.  We never went to a dance where we left early. The last two years were years with no dancing for Larry and just a few dances for me before I gave up. When he died, I asked our friend Irene to tell the square dance world. I was amazed at the outpouring of memorable moments many of us shared together, the thoughtful comments about Larry and his personality and the prayers people shared. I thank TrailBlazers and PACE for 20 plus unforgettable years.

   Lillian Zacks

Page updated: Jan 30, 2007