George Monaghan

George Monaghan was born in Los Angeles on June 25, 1941 to proud parents, George & Myrtle Monaghan, and was their only child.   When George was 13 his father died.

George learned to square dance when married to Sharrie.  He took lessons again when married to Honey Lynn.  Since she was doing much better than he was, he got mad and learned the definitions.  Could this be the origin of George's oft heard?

Around 1975 he started teaching a group of dancers in his garage using teach tapes.  They would dance until they broke and he would coach them until they got it right.

Two callers who were especially important in George becoming a caller were Bob Fisk and Choctaw Miller.

George loved good food and enjoyed the art of eating.  He knew of the best restaurants in about any city we drove through on our many trips to the National Square Dance Conventions; George had attended 20 and I accompanied him to 12.

We had several time shares.  His favorite was probably Depot Bay in Washington; he enjoyed the sound of the waves and rain on the roof.

George was well liked; we could not walk into a square dance hall without someone welcoming us.  It is amazing the large number dancers he has taught, and who knew and cared for him.

George, one of the callers who helped establish Trailblazers, passed away June 30, 2007 while at the National Square Dance Convention in Charlotte NC.  A Celebration of his Life was held on July 29, 2007.

  Carole Monaghan

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