Changes in material content for the
current month & the one preceding.

April 2017:
  • Dance Schedule: Update Next Dance Weekend
  • Club: New month
  • Newsletter: New month
  • Misc: New month
  • In Memorium: New month
  • SD Resources: New month
  • Other Clubs/Dances: New month
  • Site: New month

March 2017:
  • Dance Schedule: Update Next Dance Weekend; Update Dance Info; Added "Computer Squares during A-2 ONLY" note; Add Bluebook Ad to Flyers page; Update Dance Flyers
  • Club: Move Club: 35th Anniverary link to Site: Archives
  • Newsletter: Publish March 2017 Supplement; Publish April 2017 Newsletter
  • Misc: No change
  • In Memorium: No change
  • SD Resources: No change
  • Other Clubs/Dances: No change
  • Site: No change

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