Vic Ceder

Vic started dancing in 1975 with a teen square dance club where he met his wife Debbie. They started dancing Advanced in 1977 while in high school. A year later they started learning challenge and Vic developed an interest in calling. Vic occasionally walked their tape group through some materials that he had written. Soon thereafter, Vic purchased a Hilton sound system and in November 1981 began calling at the challenge level.

Never having attended a caller's school as a student, Vic is a self-taught caller, but has taught at the Northern California Callers School, and at a couple GCA Callers Schools, as well as conducted various mini clinics, most recently at iPAC. He took voice lessons and learned calling skills from observing other callers and listening to criticism and comments made by callers and dancers. In his early calling years, Vic aspired to learn from the great callers of the day, including Dave Hodson and Lee Kopman.

Currently, Vic calls all levels through C4 and has taught classes at all levels from Basic through C3B. He has called in 31 states and 8 countries (other than the USA), has called at several National Square Dance Conventions, iPAC, the Canadian National Challenge Convention, the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs conventions, and is currently a permanent staff caller with the Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts (AACE), and has been a CallerLab member since 1989.

Vic and Debbie are the authors of three definition books, the Ceder Chest series, detailing the calls and concepts from A1 through C3B. As a software systems engineer, Vic has written some widely-used square dance related computer programs, notably the Ceder Square Dance System and the Couple Rotation Program. Their website, , is arguably one of the most widely-respected square dance related sites on the internet with an extensive database of callers, cuers, clubs, square dance music information, square dance events, and choreography.

When they are not square dancing, Vic and Debbie enjoy East Coast style swing dancing (i.e., Jitterbug), contra dancing and round dancing. Vic enjoys playing ragtime and boogie woogie piano, gardening, and reading French comic books, which he collects. They enjoy tasting fine, artisan dark chocolate bars which they rate in a database on their website.

Their daughter, Caitlyn, is a junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara (where Debbie works), and when she isnít studying she enjoys dancing up to C3A.

Source: Trailblazer Newsletter, February 2016

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