John Marshall

John was raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He began his calling career there in 1969. Four years later a change in his day job brought him to Northern Virginia. He currently resides in Sterling near Washington D.C.

John has worked to develop a strong program in his community. The program includes home clubs ranging through C-2. In addition to these clubs, John also teaches classes and workshops to support the continued growth of these groups. This home program is accented by John's out of town calling commitments which have taken him all over the United States, Canada, and overseas to Sweden, Germany, and England.

Becoming a full time caller in 1979 gave John more time to work at his chosen profession. Consequently he has chaired committees as a Callerlab member, is currently serving an elected term on the Board of Governors, and enjoys serving as a clinician, panelist, and presenter at workshops and schools for callers.

During his career he has been a regular contributor to various square dancer and caller publications, he has appeared on television a variety of times, and as a talented singer has served as a recording artist for Sets in Order, 4 Bar B Records, and Red Boot Records.

John is always working to expand his music and choreographic knowledge, as well as his showmanship abilities in order to bring you the best square dancing possible.


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