David Heffron

Dave Heffron started his calling career with Magic Squares of San Diego in 2005. He has now progressed to International Caller status.

Dave - a chip off the family Square Dance block" - is the third-generation from a family of Square Dancers and Dave and his wife, Heidi, also have children actively involved in Square Dancing. Dave began dancing as a youth in 1984 and within a couple of years was comfortable dancing up through C2.

Square Dancing has some unexpected, happily-ever-after benefits. For Dave, in 1988, he first met his lovely wife Heidi at a Square Dance. After taking some time off to raise a family, he returned to square dancing in 2005. Within a few months, he was teaching the Challenge program in San Diego, and in 2006 decided to actively pursue becoming a caller.

His debut as a national caller was on June 1-2, 2013 when he returned from Dripping Springs, Texas, for a weekend with Trailblazers. This was later followed as a guest caller at the 2013 AACE (Academy for Advanced & Challenge Enthusiasts) Convention, June 19-22, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana. November 2013 marked Dave's fourth consecutive year for calling at PACE Extravaganza. In February 2015, Dave gained International Square Dance Caller status with an engagement in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dave calls and teaches Square Dancing at all the program levels from Basic through C4 and is known for his interesting choreography and unique teaching abilities. While in San Diego Dave taught a beginners youth club and called for the Double SD's Advanced club and the Magic Squares of San Diego Advanced and Challenge club. In 2015 Dave relocated to Novelty, Ohio, near Cleveland.

Dave has also written an application that assists in sight calling. The primary purpose of the program is to present the list of calls in the level to ensure the whole list is used at a dance and to minimize excessive use of square dance figures. The program, called Callit, can be downloaded from Dave's website,

Source: Primarily the May 2015 Trailblazer newsletter

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