Dave Lightly

Dave's Square Dance activities began 45 years ago when he & Ruth took ten weeks of beginner lessons in Des Moines, Iowa. During the "60's" & until late in the "70's" he experienced the routine of becoming a Caller, including lots of dancing, teaching adults & teens, calling for many local clubs as well as those in surrounding states & serving as an officer in the local Callers Association.

As his career continues he stays active in calling all programs, but is primarily busy with Advanced & Challenge clubs & weekends. He & Ruth conduct 3 Challenge weekends & 1 Advanced weekend each year. During the course of a year he may be found from coast to coast & border to border, with return engagements being offered wherever he goes. His travels in the past have taken him out of the country to Canada, Sweden, Denmark & Germany.

Dave is proficient in calling all programs, Mainstream through C-3B as well as some Basic C-4. He spends numerous hours writing choreography for all programs. In 1974 he gave up the "checker pushing" method in favor of the computer & is enjoying it very much. Dancers at any program enjoy the unique way Dave puts the basics together & the smooth flowing choreography which he creates.

In September of 2003 he & Ruth celebrated 50 years of marriage. Their children held an open house in Des Moines on September 28th in honor of the occasion. Dave & Ruth have 3 married children, 2 grandchildren & 1 great granddaughter who is 8 years old going on 13!!!! Dave looks forward to being around "your squares" sometime in the near future.

Source: Email, 2004-06-28

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