Darryl Lipscomb

Darryl Lipscomb began square dancing at the age of 12, started calling at the age of 14, and made calling his full time profession in 1978. He was raised dancing to C.O. Guest and Ray Smith who both called for the clubs to which his parents were members. Both were very instrumental in encouraging and helping Darryl.

Darryl conducts a winter program in Mission TX for all the Winter Texans" who choose to spend their winters in the "Tropics" of the Rio Grande Valley. He calls a full range of programs, beginners thru C-3B.

In 1987, the McAllen, Texas, Chamber of Commerce staged the first "South Texas Square Dance Jamboree" and has repeated the event each year with the help of the Caller Staff for the Jamboree. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce initiated another program which has become "The World’s Largest Beginners’ Square Dance Class" meeting for three weeks beginning in mid-January on every Monday morning for two hours. Darryl is one of the staff callers for both the Largest Beginners’ Class and the Jamboree.

During the summer months, he travels extensively throughout the United States and foreign countries, calling many festivals, weekends, and week-long institutes. Among his favorites are Kirkwood Lodge, where no dancing or calling career is complete, until you've attended a week at this historical square dance destination!

When dancing to Darryl you are assured of smooth flowing, innovative, and exciting choreography. He enjoys calling all levels of square dancing equally well; however, he admits working with beginners is especially exciting!

Darryl has recorded on several different square dance record labels and is currently a "Staff Caller" for Global Music Productions. He is also a member of CALLERLAB.

Source: October 2015 Trailblazer newsletter

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