Bronc Wise

The son of long-time square dancers, Bronc joined his first square dance class in 1975. Sixteen weeks later, he called his first tip. Since that time, Bronc has become one of Square Dance Calling's true globetrotters. He has been featured at dances, festivals, workshops, resorts and caller schools all over the world.

Many dancers feel that Bronc's smooth flowing hash calls are like "floating on air". They might also warn you to watch out for a twinkle in those big, brown eyes, as Bronc is a fine hash-calling technician known for inventive and challenging maneuvers. Most dancers feel Bronc is one of the activity's finest teachers. His presentation and "real world" approach to teaching is truly unique.

An accomplished guitarist, mandolin and bass player, Bronc has played on many square dance releases as well as radio and TV spots. His first "on stage" experience came at the age of 12 when he started playing in a rock band. Calling eventually took him away from band gigs. Not wanting to leave music completely, Bronc apprenticed at several recording studios learning the ins and outs of recording. Eventually, he was certified as a recording engineer. He still maintains a studio in his home.

Bronc has recorded vocals and/or music for several different square dance labels. He spent 10 years as co-owner and music producer for New-Beat Productions. Bronc is currently working on several projects for Sting Productions of London, England as well as post-production jobs for other square dance and karaoke companies.

Bronc and Fia split their time between their home in Lakewood, Colorado and their winter home in Mission, Texas.

Source: January 2017 Trailblazer newsletter

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