Anne Uebelacker

Anne's relaxed style and easy listening voice have won her many square dance friends at all the dancing levels and from all corners of the world.

Anne was born and grew up in Peterborough, Ontario of Scottish parents and as a child Anne knew nothing of square dancing. After she finished high school her parents took square-dancing lessons. When a local Mainstream caller was having a weekend dancing campout that her parents were planning to attend, they invited Anne to come along to swim, enjoy the outdoors, or whatever since she had no specific plans for that weekend. It turned out that the dance was one dancer short of an additional square and Anne was drafted to fill in. After three days and a lot of push, pull, and shove, she was dancing (almost at Plus level) - and she was hooked! Anne then continued dancing at a local Mainstream club and enjoyed it immensely. She soon realized that there's a lot more to square dancing than she had ever dreamed, and thought, "This is for me!"

Anne resides in Auburn, Washington with her wife Mary Hutchinson and their four cats.

Source: February 2017 Trailblazer Newsletter

Page updated: 2017-02-02