Tim Ploch

Tim Ploch learned to square dance while he was a student at Rice University. He graduated from his square dance class in December 1973, and by the summer of 1975 he was dancing at the highest levels of the time. Although calling informally before 1975, Tim graduated from callers school in 1975 and has been calling continuously since that time.

Tim taught his then future wife, Donna Law, to square dance and she is the rock-solid center of his world. He called full time until he graduated from law school and got his first job as an attorney in the summer of 1982.

Tim was an original permanent member of the staff of the American Advanced and Challenge Convention until the convention closed, and he is an original permanent member of the staff of the Texas Advanced and Challenge Convention along with Lee Kopman and Darryl Lipscomb. Tim has called many conventions, festivals and weekends, and calls all levels from Mainstream through C-3B.

Tim has written several calls, including Cut and Flip the Hourglass, Relocate the Hourglass, and Run Wild. He likes to play bridge and other games.

A dancer once described his calling as being like peppermint ice cream smooth with sweet little chunks. Tim always tries to focus on the flow of the material while keeping the dancers entertained.

Source: Note from Maria Solorzano on 2012-06-11

Page updated: 2012-06-11