Ben Rubright

Ben Rubright has carved himself a niche as a caller with a well-known philosophy of fast-moving calling, smooth body motion, and unmistakable "wind-in-your-face" choreography that keeps dancers on their toes from Mainstream through C-4. He spurs dancers on to smooth dancing to the rhythm of the band wherever he calls.

Ben began dancing in the fall of 1976 and soon became fascinated by how a caller could put together material and make a square of dancers move to the beat of the music. He started experimenting with calling in 1977, and the rest is history! He strives to put calls together that fit, and his dances always reflect this goal.

He is an accomplished caller, and has been on the staff of the National, American, and Texas Advanced and Challenge Conventions as well as numerous challenge weekends throughout the US, Japan, and Europe.


Page updated: 2015-03-25